Miss Himalaya Pageant

for peace and environment

Santosh KumariPhoto credit: MHP

Santosh Kumari

24 years old from Chamba, is 165 cm in height. She is a student pursuing B Tech. She likes travelling, reading and dancing.

I have always loved fashion world and admired women that are strong, savvy, confident, passionate and fiercely independent. Some one who has strong sense of self, complemented by femininity, my goal is to be that woman. And share that with rest of the women on the planet. And to tell them most courageous thing you can do is identify yourself.

About the Himalayas

Eternal snows, lush green forests, singing streams, dancing birds, lovely lakes verdant vales, emerald meadows, smiling glaciers this the picture of Himalayas. Himalaya is the supreme among the mountains of the world. Kalidasa described it as Devatma Himalaya whereas Lord Krishna said in the Bahgwat Gita "Among mountains I'm the Himalayas". Its grandeur and mysteries have influenced all the spheres of life of the people of India since time immemorial. The hilly region is identified as Dev Bhumi. Every village has a separate god around whom the community life revolves. Shiva and Parvati are worshiped almost in all parts of Himalayas.

In the Indian sub-continent, the Himalayas region has the unique distinction of providing water to the Indus and Ganges basin. The major river system of the region are yamuna with its important tributaries of Tons, Pabar and Giri in the east, and other rivers Sutlej, Beas, Ravi and Chenab in the west. The Catchment areas of all these rivers,are located in the snow bound regions. Himalayas has some of the most beautiful lakes with serene and cool waters to its credit Some of them are Ghadasaru lake, Khajiar lake, Dal lake etc.

The hill people in common with villagers of plains are frank, honest and active. They are generous hospitable and peace loving. The men of mountains are deeply religious and follow their community code very rigidly. The hill women work harder then the menfolk and are more robust. They are beautiful and modest. The life of the people in Himalayas is simple , placid and hard too. In other words humanity still lives in these mountains.

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