Miss Himalaya Pageant

for peace and environment

Damini RawatPhoto credit: MHP

Damini Rawat

23 years old from Mandi, with a height of 165 cm. She is a student pursuing MSc (3rd semester). She likes trekking, cooking and making henna designs.

My future goals are to be an independent after completion of my masters and to be at the position from where I can contribute to improve the education of minorities and slum children, and to be an inspiration for my siblings and make my parents proud.

About the Himalayas

The Himalayas are home to many tribes, each with their distinct socio cultural heritage and customs. Their population is according to the challenging topography and climate of the region. But in recent years better communication facilities and road infrastructure have improved the local lifestyle.

In Himalayas people live in their traditional houses and cook their food by traditional methods which makes the food healthier. In the Himalayas there
are small variations in dialects after every short distance, and also the physical appearance of Himalayan people vary from region to region. But from inside everyone who belongs to the Himalayas is kind and soft-hearted. The peoples of the Himalayas are known for their honesty and truthfulness.

The Himalayan rigion is embraced with different races, different types of environment and different cultures. Every region has their own cultural dress which they wear during festivals and occasions. Also there is a variety of cuisine which are prepared according to seasons and festivals. During winter, food is prepared with "Ghee" and served with "Ghee" which helps them to maintain their body temperature in freezing temperatures.

Himalayas has a mixed cultural identity. Every region and every village have their own God along with temples in every village. This makes Himalayan peoples more spiritual.

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