Miss Himalaya Pageant

for peace and environment

Tashi LhamoPhoto credit: MHP

Tashi Lhamo

Tashi Lhamo is from Kathmandu, Nepal. She is 24 years old and 170 cm tall. She has been a nurse, and is currently an English language teacher in Tibet World NGO. Tashi likes cooking, reading novels, dancing, singing, and visiting new places.

I want to implement whatever I have learned in my life to help others and to bring the best results for betterment of their lives in the field of health and education.

As His Holiness says,"teacher and medical occupation is the best way to help others". I have been indulged in both these occupations.

About the Himalayas

There are many different languages spoken by the people of Himalaya. The Himalaya Mountains have been the place for great sages who have passed on knowledge of yoga teachings to their disciple. Hunting is a popular activity in the Himalayas and its surrounding region. Medicines used by the Himalayan people are from the roots of different plants. One of the main plants is the root of Rhododendron which is mainly used for cuts and wounds and also to make juice. The climate and temperature of the Himalaya changes very quickly. The major seasons of the Himalayan region are winter and summer. During the winter, the region receives maximum snow with very icy temperature. Summers are quiet good in Himalayas.

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