Miss Himalaya Pageant

for peace and environment

Preksha RanaPhoto credit: MHP

Preksha Rana

Preksha Rana, from Gaggal, is 21 years old and 165 cm tall. She is a student pursuing B.A in English literature. She likes singing, dancing, painting, and reading.

I want to inspire people, help them, eradicate the unkindness and hatred from society.

I love my family, so for them I really need to work hard so that I may provide them a good lifestyle

About the Himalayas

Himalayan is all about its rich culture having snow clad mountains and scenic beauty. The peoples of the Himalayas have fair complexions. The environment is too good, not like that of cities where everything is polluted. It is rich in its cultural habitat and also in its traditions. Tourists everytime come to enjoy its beauty. They find immense pleasure in the arms of Himalayas. And so thus I feel really blessed to be the child of Himachal.

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