Miss Himalaya Pageant

for peace and environment

Monika NegiPhoto credit: MHP

Monika Negi

Monika Negi is 20 years old, from Rampur Bushahr. She is a student in her third year of Horticulture, and is 174 cm tall. She likes dancing, surfing the Internet, travelling, and trekking.

I am looking forward to opening of my NGO in the near future which will serve as a help to the village schools for providing quality education. I want to persue modeling as a career.

I dream of being crowned as Miss Universe.

About the Himalayas

The people of the Himalayan region represent the best of beauty, culture, and traditions. From its natural scenic beauty to the commendable charm of Himalayan women and the innocent, calm, polite nature of people here, this region is the perfect example of heaven on this earth. the Himalayas stretch from the state of J&K to Arunanchal Pradesh, and also include very beautiful Nepal and Tibet. All these regions vary in their culture and traditions in many ways, but their soul is one, united in peace, love, respect and affection towards one another. I feel proud to be born in such a paradise.

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