Miss Himalaya Pageant

for peace and environment

Kalzang ButithPhoto credit: MHP

Kalzang Butith

Kalzang Butith is from Kaza, Lahaul & Spiti. She is 22 years old, and 173 cm tall.She is a student, pursuing her MA English from Chandigarh. Her hobbies are singing and reading novels.

I want to see myself working as a successful model and as an air hostess to serve my country.

I am blessed to be born in the magical land of Himalaya.

About the Himalayas

The Himalayan ranges, known as 'The Sentry of India', are a blend of cold, lofty peaks and hot desert landscapes. No one can possibly get over the enchanting beauty of these ranges. They are blessed with captivating snowfalls and get their righteous charm in the summers with the blossoming flowers and wildlife. The Himalayas always seen as separating the plains of the Indian subcontinent from the Tibetan Plateau, but I believe they have always connected our souls together being neighbours. The Himalayans are predominantly Buddhists, but, India being a diverse and independent country, we can find a variety of religions and cultures.

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