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for peace and environment

Priyanka VermaPhoto credit: MHP

Priyanka Verma

Priyanka Verma is from Himachal Pradesh, and is 20 years old. she has a diploma in Civil Engineering, and now works as a Civil Engineer in a private company. Her hobbies include singing, designing clothes, cooking, travelling, and gardening.

I have craving to achieve something bigger in my life and i just need a chance to explore my capabilities.

About the Himalayas

If we think about the Himalayas, there's one thing that definitely come in our mind and that is beautiful snow and mountains. Himalaya is one of the greatest gifts of nature, signifying nature's beauty and power to mankind.

The Himalayan region is a multireligional, multicultural as well as multilingual region. Himalayan culture gives an expression to its inhabitant's nature in their manner of living and of thinking, in art, religion, ethical aspirations, and knowledge. Himalayan culture varies according to religions of people of Himalayas. It is colorful, and rich in arts and crafts.

The traditions of the Himalayas are untouched by external customs largely due to its difficult terrain. Local music and dances reflect Himalaya's culture and traditions.

The people of the Himalayas are very warm and friendly, and it is easy to strike up friendship with villagers in any roadside hamlet. Tribal folks follow a form of religion in which distinctions of caste and class are less rigid.

Women are extremely hardworking, taking care of daily chores in the house as well as toiling. Himalaya's environment is extremely peaceful and is famous for its abundant natural beauty.

Last, I want to mention that Himalaya's beauty is turning into dangerous beauty, largely due to human deeds. We have seen so much examples of that in last few years (the Uttrakhand Tragedy and the Kashmir Floods). So, there's a need of a taking a solid step towards this concern.

Himalaya's beauty is turning into dangerous beauty, largely due to human deeds: pollution and destruction.
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