Miss Himalaya Pageant

for peace and environment

Jyoti DograPhoto credit: MHP/Tenzin Dalha

Jyoti Dogra

Jyoti Dogra, 22, from Bhagsu Nag, is 165 cms tall, and likes singing and listening to music. She is currently pursuing her MSc in Environmental Sciences at the Central University in Shapur.

She says her greatest aspiration is to become an Earth scientist and a teacher. "But before that I have miles to go and Miss Himalaya is my very first milestone."

I believe one should try to do everything that he wants to do at least once in this lifetime.

About the Himalayas

The word Himalaya is derived from the Sanskrit words Him+alay. Him means snow and alay means abode. So together Himalaya means The Abode of Snow.

As rich as Himalaya is in terms of its geography and biodiversity, so it is in culture and traditions. In India Himalaya extends from Kashmir to Assam and the cultural diversity is rich like nowhere else. People are as cool and calm as the environment over here.

Especially my place McLeod Ganj carries the essence of The Holy Dalai Lama. Today where everybody is following the West, Westerners are coming to these places in search of peace of mind. We are having our roots (culture), with ourselves but we are as modern as anybody else round the world.

More about Jyoti Dogra: [ on this site ]   [ on the web ]

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