No pageant 2021 with likely third wave of Coronavirus in October

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An expert panel has predicted a third wave of coronavirus (Covid-19) disease hitting the country of India anytime between September and October. So there’s no scope to organise any pageant.

A committee set up by the Union Home Ministry has said a third wave of the coronavirus (Covid-19) disease may reach its peak around October in India.

After the harrowing experience in the second Coronavirus wave in which the nation saw a peak of four lakh cases and a record-breaking number of deaths, India has got some respite with numbers of fresh cases showing a downward trend across the nation.

But with lockdowns being lifted, curfews being relaxed, and non-essential establishments being opened, the expert panel has predicted a third wave of coronavirus hitting the country anytime between September and October.

The India Prime Minister Office has scheduled a crucial review meeting with the health ministry to look into preparedness for the surge in coronavirus cases.

As the threat of a possible third wave of coronavirus looms large, the possibility for organising a pageant is far from plausible.

We hope that the coronavirus situation becomes stable and that we could organise a pageant next year.

Please follow coronavirus-appropriate behaviours, maintain physical distance, wear mask, wash your hands often, and be sure to get your vaccinations, for you and others to be safe.

Sincerely yours,

Lobsang Wangyal

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